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My testimony for the Glory of God ! Thanks for the intercession of our beloved Servant of God Augustine Pereira..

Ashok Pereira
Ashok Pereira

” I had a chest pain during Christmas time Dec 2008 – it was my first Heart Attack, I could feel my chest & throat filled with pebbles / stones & I could not breathe, started sweating profusely. My Dr. had advised me to keep ” Sorbitrate ” as an SOS medicine & keep it under my tongue in case of emergency. so I immediately took Sorbitrate& placed it under my tongue & lay down. I was praying to Jesus & Mother Mary & after some time felt better & a cool breeze blowing over my face. I closed my eyes & slept for about 20 mins& then felt better.

My family forced me to go & see a Cardiolgist. We made an appointment with Dr. ShanmugaSundram during Jan.first week. He checked me and advised me to do CT angiogram.” I did it on 12th Jan.2009 and we had to collect thereport at 3.30 pm – Divine Mercy hour. My wife Manju& I said the Divine
rosary & we collected the report. It showed a 75 to 80 % block in the MainArtery. We said ‘ Thank you Jesus ! Praise you Jesus ! For having revealedthis to us on time and said the Divine Rosary again.’

We showed the report to Dr. ShanmugaSundaram, he was quite surprised andsaid : now that we know you have a block, I would advise you to go in for anangioplasty stent. So he fixed the angio for Sat.31st Jan.2009 and admission on 30th Jan.2009 at Vijaya Heart Foundation .My sugar level and BP had to bebrought under control.

I informed MSG, CIC & all the CIC Sisters to pray for me. They assured me of their prayers & intercession thro’ Fr. Augustine Pereira. They were really storming Heaven & praying to Fr. Augustine Pereira daily & we too were praying to Fr. Augustine Pereira to intercede to Jesus & Mumma Mary.

I got admitted on 30th Jan. 2009 at 3 pm – Divine Mercy hour. We took with us the Divine Mercy picture & a picture of Fr. Augustine Pereira & kept it near my hospital bed – we prayed & left everything into their hands. On 31st theAngioplast Stent was fixed for 3 pm – again we were happy as it was the
Divine Mercy hour.

Dr. ShanmugaSundram had to do the angiogram to get an accurate idea of the
%age of block and select the correct stent, since the CTangio showed 75-80% block. When he was doing this he told me : I don’t think you will require a stent Mr. Pereira , the block has reduced considerably to less than 30%. This I am telling you by just looking at it ,let me go & measure it on the monitor. He checked & told my wife : it is 20%and we need not go for a stent. I was wheeled out in 20 minutes and when I was lying down , with the ECG monitor, Dr. ShanmugaSundram came & I shook hands with him & thanked him. He said : Don’t thank me, thank your God and for all the prayers.”

Two CIC sisters were standing in the corridor & waiting for me to be wheeled out.Thank you Jesus ! Praise you Jesus ! Love you Jesus ! Glory to you LORDJesus Christ ! Thank you Mamma Mary. “Thank you dear Fr. Augustine & all the CIC sisters for interceding & praying for me. Your prayers were heard by our Heavenly Father.

This has brought me all the more closer to Jesus.He is a Living God, aMerciful God, a God who answers our prayers. We have only to trust Him,surrender to Him, Love Him and do everything for His Greater Glory takingevery step closer to Him,saying& doing what He wants us to say or do.Havefaith as little as a mustard seed.We are indeed precious to Him for Jesushas said : I have carved you in the palm of my hands and you are precious tome. Look at the birds of the air and the lilies of the field they neithersow nor reap….Oh ye of little faith !

Thank you Jesus ! Praise you Jesus ! Love you Jesus ! Glory to you LordJesus Christ !
WE have GREAT FAITH in the intercession of Fr. Augustine Pereira. My wife says: he will first intercede for his own children &grand children. My grand children pray to him even for little things & he answers them immediately.

Ashok Pereira. ( Great Grand nephew of SOG Augustine Pereira).
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